The Canoe and Pirogue ranges are emblematic collections of SMI thanks to their CL25 and CL43 seats. These creations are in the inspiration of cruise ships, symbols of French know-how and floating showcases of arts and furniture from the beginning of the twentieth century. The lines of these club chairs are in the style of decoration for large transatlantic ships which gives a resolutely original character. Their slender shapes remind us of the bow of a ship and the outer shells of the seats are made of wooden slats to evoke the style of first class cabins in ships. The saddle stitch sewing style is inspired by luxury boat seats. Regarding the tapestry, we opted for full grain leather for its quality of resistance, softness and pleasant touch. As for the ergonomics and the comfort of our seats, the quality of the seat padding, the backrest and the armrests will bring you a high level of comfort. The furniture has adopted the same aesthetic spirit in our complete set including a coffee table, a sofa, a bar stool and bars in several variations.