Our Services


Specializing in design and manufacture of seats and high-end furniture for many years, SMI provides its expertise and know-how in hospitality, accommodation and catering. We have already worked with several hotels such as Carlisle Bay Antigua in the Caribbean, Titanic Hotel in Belfast and the Madison Hotel in Paris.

Our company has a large collection of furniture and seats. In addition, we also provide other services such as customization of our furniture upon your request and manufacture of products for each own customer.


1-A large collection of furniture and seats

S.M.I provided an extensive range of products from the 18th to 20th century. But above of all, we make our own creative products with a unique design that can satisfy hotels and stores seeking an original and authentic atmosphere. Moreover, our products are made in traditional ways with ancestral methods. The sculptures are handmade; the assemblies are done with pegged joints and mortises. Then the products (classical type) are finally finished with natural wax. And the wood used is rubber trees from plantation.











2-Customization of our furniture upon your request

If you wish to change the design of one of our furniture, it is feasible for a minimum quantity. For example, it is possible to replace the pattern of a seat back with a suitable personalized one. We can also change the color of wood if you prefer a darker or lighter varnish. And we are also able to change dimensions of the seat and furniture.






3-Manufacture of your own models

Subject to minimum quantity and technical feasibility, S.M.I can manufacture models at your request. In this case, you only need to send us detailed plans of the furniture or seat to be reproduced or even better if you provide us with an original model.

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