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Purpose and the scope of collection:

The main data collection on the website www.saigonmobilier.com includes email, phone, customer address, etc. This is the information that www.saigonmobilier.com needs customers to provide mandatory when registering. Use the service and www.saigonmobilier.com contact to confirm when customers register to use the service at www.saigonmobilier.com to ensure the rights of consumers.

During the payment process at website www.saigonmobilier.com, we only keep details of the customers' orders paid, information about the customer's bank account numbers will not be saved.

Customer will be solely responsible for the security and storage of all activities using the service when sending contact information and its email box. In addition, customers are responsible to promptly notify the website www.saigonmobilier.com about acts of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties to have appropriate measures.


The scope of using information:

The company uses the provided membership information to:

Providing services to customers;

Delivery to customers;

Send notices of activities of exchanging information between members and website www.saigonmobilier.com such as promotions, gratitude to customers, ...;

Preventing activities that destroy member's user accounts or member-spoofing activities;

Contact and deal with members in special cases.

Do not use personal information of members outside the purpose of confirmation and contact related to transactions at www.saigonmobilier.com.

In case of legal requirement: The company is responsible for cooperating to provide member's personal information upon request from judicial agencies including: Procuracy, court, police investigation agency. related to certain legal violations of customers. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on the member's personal information.


Information storage time:

Personal data of members will be stored until a cancellation request. Remaining in all cases, personal information of members will be kept confidential on the server of www.saigonmobilier.com.

Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:



Address: 26/4 Lam Sơn, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Email: [email protected]

Phone : 028 35 414 555


Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data:

Customers have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by asking www.saigonmobilier.com to do this.

Customers have the right to submit complaints about the seller to the Board of Management of the website www.saigonmobilier.com. When receiving these feedbacks, www.saigonmobilier.com will confirm the information, in the case that the customer reflects depending on the level, www.saigonmobilier.com will take timely measures.