Our story

SMI is a French-Vietnamese factory, exporting high quality furniture worldwide. We offer a large collection of "handmade" furniture with unique designs, as well as reissues of  classic-style furniture built in the tradition of French cabinetmaking. In addition, SMI can customize the products to your own design.




In 1988, Georges Waché established a furniture manufacturing factory in Vietnam, bringing together skilled craftsmen from various fields such as cabinetmaking, , metalworking, sculpturing , varnishing and tapestry.


Today, SMI is a large family, most of the craftsmen have more than 20 years of experience and live in the village constructed specifically for them. Not merely a company, SMI has become a community. The factory has know two generations of craftsmen and designers who have managed to move from the production of a French style piece of furniture to our own touch that changes constantly over the years. 


Passionate about art and furniture, we create furniture at the crossroads of these two fields. Our design is unique and does not really belong to a style. We strive to go beyond the trend by presenting exceptional furniture that will allow you to give personality to your home.   

Our furniture in the style of Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Restoration and Art Deco are made using artistic methods and decoration loyal to French traditions to ensure high authenticity and quality.